Consider updating Evolution package versions in Zorin 16

Great experience using this OS, and even after trying several different distributions, I'm always circling back here.

One thing that the devs should perhaps consider is getting the included Evolution and Calendar packages (and their attendant backends, evolution-data-server, evolution-ews etc) more up-to-date.

The reason for this is that the current version of evolution-ews in particular, has a fair few nasty bugs relating to how it handles calendars connected to Exchange servers. Appointments made in these calendars often show up on the wrong days, recurrences don't work properly, reminders stop working etc. The newer versions of these packages have smoothed out many of these problems.

You can work around this by getting rid of the bundled version Evolution and using the newer Flatpak version instead, but this loses all system integration, so appointments don't show up in the shell or Calendar app, notifications don't work as well etc.

While the above solution works okay for my personal situation, I think the Zorin devs may want to direct some attention to this considering that the old 3.36 version of Evolution comes bundled with a distro that is targeted partially at businesses and schools that are no doubt going to be plugging into Exchange environments more often than not.


Absolutely agree.
Having the best possible integration of Exchange is a key function for many business users.
Also see:


@tealimepigeon What version of Zorin are you using? I don't see it in your profile or mentioned in your post. I use 16 Pro and don't have the issues you mentioned with Evolution... I use it in my studio work with clients for communication just fine.

Also are you using a outdated version of exchange cause webmail would be a opportunity for you as well.

I'm on Zorin 16. It's seemingly only an issue with Exchange accounts - if I try using the calendar to create appointments of any kind with the built-in account and not an Exchange one, it all works fine.


It is also an issue for gmail accounts with contact integration. It throws an error everytime. This was fixed in Evolution somewhere around the 3.40 line, but we are on 3.36.

So if we want to use gmail integrated well with the desktop we are now stuck with errors until it is updated past 3.40.

So I agree that we are running into issues with this not being closer to being the most updated.


For the Flatpak version, I would make sure the app has granted run in background and Send Notifications permissions

You can manage Flatpak app permissions using programs like Flatseal


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