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zorin os 17

I am using mac os layout. On the top right hand of the menu - why does the control centre windows shows in all the 3 top right menu..i find that awkard....
like- when clicked on top right wifi icon, volume icon, battery percent icon - the control centre window shows & have the same details for all.....Instead the wifi icon should only have wifi/network details..

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Like the macos, which has one control centre icon on top right, and has all the details of wifi, volume & battery percent in it...that looks pretty neat & clean...Is it possible to change this..



I believe that the Gnome project made this change to a more "phone-like" settings ... tray almost? To have all your settings in one place when you click. I'm not exactly sure when the change was, but it's a fairly new change in the grand scheme of things.

As for whether you can change it, you could look into gnome shell extensions, but I took a brief look and didn't find much to do what you're saying. However, the Lite version (using XFCE) would have individual settings for each icon, just currently version 17 of that isn't out yet (hopefully soon).

And if all else fails, I've seen a fair few people on here installing different desktop environments that may be something you could do, although this definitely is more involved and can come with its own set of warnings and challenges.

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Yes it is a new development called Quick Settings and suspect it would be too onerous on Team Zorin to make it different. It also means there is consistency among all appearances, especially for those trying out ones different to the default one they are used to.

I am new to zorin...i've used ventura & sonoma.....and i found zorin to be between macos & windows...and that's very cool...

I still feel the team should work on the control centre details...adding a different control centre icon would be be thoughts....

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