Controlling laptop fan speed!

hello! recently i have switched from windows to zorin, is there a way to control my fan speed like I used to do it on my windows!
laptop: asus tuf series!

This may be something you're looking for:


You can also use GitHub - icebarf/perfmode: A performance mode selection utility for Asus TUF Gaming Series of Laptops. I've tried a few, this one works for me Asus Tuf A17.

The fn + F5 combination actually works, but there is no indicator to display the change. If I can find the location of the icons for system functions, like the function key combination for brightness...
I could add an acpi script to show the different fan icons on toggle.
@Storm or @Aravisian any ideas?

woah!! thx bud, It sounds amazing! gonna try it asap. and yeah I thought maybe fn + f5 can chage it, but was never sure about it!

yeah showing the icon while toggling would be awesome. if you got any solution for that, it'll be happy to know it as well. :slight_smile:

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