Converge (zorinOS)

For some time I have been complaining about zorinOS, problems with the kernel, nvidia, the gnome version, and all its shortcomings, however I have been able to overcome them, being able to solve the kernel and nvidia, gnome, and the repositories, (there are certain applications that haven't been updated like laptop-mode-tool) I guess I'll have to wait with version 17, but aside from that it's still a good distribution, although it seems to be on the decline (according to distrowatch), although I hope with zorinOS 17 can go "BOOM".
Well, this post has no purpose, I just wanted to share this.

Distrowatch reports on how often a distro is looked up on Distrowatch; not on how many users are using that distro.
So using it as a popularity measure can be misleading.
As more users download and install Zorin OS< the fewer users will be looking Zorin OS up on Distrowatch since they already have installed it and no longer need to research it.

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Because I will continue to use Zorin OS as long as it is the best distro for me, I am not interested in how popular it is.

Zorin 15.3 Core is going up in Downloads, from 600 to 700 a month:

The group membership on the Zorin Facebook group(s) are growing and more new users are asking questions there as well. Distrowatch only monitors who uses their site for finding and downloading distros

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