Convert media files for use in open shot

My audio and video files come from external devices, with file format incompatible with use in openshot video editing. I can't use the ciana software I installed, because I don't know how to add the files I need to convert. Is there someone who knows how to do this, or another file converter software or one already installed on zorin pro that I can use?

Don't know what format files openshot uses, but I have converted some small video files while using ffmpeg.

See here;

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if you want something that I can guarantee works and you don't shy away from the Terminal, download and install ffmpeg using APT/Synaptic (sudo apt install ffmpeg)

from there, run the following to convert pretty much any format to another:

ffmpeg -i "" ""

Thanks for advice. I'm having success with "handbrake" on the video file conversions for MTS (video) to MP4. On audio, I have WMA files to convert to WAV, which seems to work in openshot. Any suggestions on that? Doesn't handbrake work for audio files for this type of conversion?

I have audacity software installed. I think I can use this for converting the audio files I have. Right?

Yes, you can use audacity for audio files. Keep in mind for some of the file formats, you need to install an encoder. Like for MP3 you need LAME MP3 Encoder.

I also use Audacity for audio files. But I found a great video editor that seems to work with almost any type of video file. That program is Shotcut. I don't do much video editing except when one of my granddaughters needs help with a school project. But Shotcut was fairly easy for me to figure out and use to edit videos. And you can export the video into several different file formats depending on what you need to do with the finished video.

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