Convert Zorin OS 16.2 to Lite

Hi I have an XPS 9365 2-in-1 which has Zorin OS 16.2 running fine. I want to maximise my battery life so wish to switch to Xfce / Zorin OS lite. Is there a way of doing the switch without reinstalling the entire OS?

Another thing I'd like to do is switch off the WACOM touch. Ideally an easy toggle to switch off and on but otherwise a bunch of commands would be appreciated. In Power Settings I do see the WACOM mentioned with 0% - what does that mean? The touch is still working so must be consuming juice?

Given I have a laptop not sure if there are any useful battery apps that can maximise the available time?

You can run

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

Switch to the Lite desktop from the Display Manager prior to logging in.


Is possible to do the other way around from lite to core?

Something like

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop ?

Thanks in advance


Yes, exactly.

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