Convertible HP ENVY x360, i7, 16 GB RAM


I'm new in linux-world and I have zwo poblems with Zorin OS 16 and my convertible from HP. I installed Zorin as stand alone OS on this Envy. But the speaker an the touchscreen dosn't work. I can hear music via Bluetooth oder 3,5 hijack audio, but not over speaker. And yes, my speaker are "on" ;-).

The touchscreen dosn't work, too. There is no function.
I've updated the kernel to 6.2.9-060209-generic via mainline-tool, but there is no change.

Is there a workaround or similiar there is actually no option?

Thank you very much! (And sorry for my english) :wink:

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Having the same exact issues. Anyone help please :sob:

I do not know if you ever figured anything out on this but I might would try and boot from a Fedora Live USB and see if they work there. That way at least you will know if newer packages or a newer kernel will help you. (I know you tried the kernel already on Zorin)

If it does not work my guess is you are not going to get it to work yet. Is it a pretty new computer?

Good point. I would recommend the Tux Invader for a safe version of a late kernel.

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