Copy all hard disk

Hi all.
Propably this question was many times.
I don't want again creating new installation on new hard disk and would like move that Zorin from old to new. I saw Clonezilla is newer version it is simple with gui or another simple tools to do that.
On the websides are many software and tutorials and propably here also but if someone have some experience with that what is best for noobs like I am:)
Thanks for any advice and solutions.

rescuezilla has an easy to use GUI, and works well. It is meant to make a disk image to a third drive, and then can burn it back to either the orignal (source) drive or a target drive.

You must do this while booted into the Zorin OS USB stick.

Let's say you want to clone /dev/sda, and you want to clone it to /dev/sdb:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=512 status=progress

If you want to create a .7z file that you can then archive and extract later:
clear; echo "NOTE: THIS SHOULD ONLY BE RUN WHEN BOOTED FROM THE ZORIN OS USB STICK AND WITH ALL SOURCE DRIVE PARTITIONS UNMOUNTED!"; echo "$(read -r -p "Press Enter to continue..." key)"; clear; echo "Are you certain that all partitions on the source drive are unmounted?\nStarting Disks application... please wait..."; sleep 3; gnome-disks; clear; echo "$(read -r -p "Press Enter to continue..." key)"; clear; echo "Backing up. Please wait...\nEnter source drive (for instance: sda)..."; read source; echo "Enter destination path (for instance: /media/zorin/Storage/) ONLY... file is automatically named."; read destination; clear; echo "Backing up. Please wait..."; sudo dd if="/dev/"$source ibs=512 obs=512 iflag=fullblock,nonblock,noatime oflag=direct conv=noerror status=progress | sudo 7z a -mx9 -bd -si -mmt12 "$destination""$source""_""$(date +%Y-%m-%d_%H%M).img.7z"; echo "$(read -r -p "Backup complete. Press Enter to exit..." key)"; exit

I do this with my ZFS drives... zeroing the drive's free space really helps on compression... I can compress a 1 TB .img file down to 2.2 GB. With three mirrored 1 TB drives, two 32 GB SLOG drives and two 24 GB swap drives, that compresses to a grand total of 7.8 GB. I actually compress each drive into its own .img.7z file, then drop all those individual img.7z files into a .7z file so they're all stored together for a single full backup, since the three 1 TB drives are essentially identical, so that's further compression I can get.

After you've extracted the .img file, you can then use the Disks application to write that file to the drive.


I know it also exist some Acronis True Image this is also gui. I know i used that some many time ago. Only grub or something need reinstalled or repaired because the hard disk boot mgr or grub isn't the same place and propably because this isn;t the same hard disk.

have a look at Foxclone

this guide propably here is simple EXPLANATION.
I liked very good explanation .
Sometimes on Zorin i put some commands but mostly some not understable can kick my "sitting place"like last time damaged Zorin OS.
I remember i have tried without gui and it was more difficult.

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