Copying a large file to external FAT formatted USB never completes 100% on Nautilus/Files

I tried two different thumb drives yesterday. I was unable to complete the copying of an approx. 850 MB video file to either drive. The file gets nearly copied and then the progress seems stuck at 100%. Forcefully ejecting the drive results in a corrupted file. In this case, I need the drives as FAT (so formatting to NTFS or EXT4 etc is not an opinion). I found some suggestions from an old Ubuntu thread, and many others but this seems a bit surreal. I don't remember encountering this before over the years.
Sounds looks like a bug. Is there a granny-proof permanent workaround? :slight_smile:

Dunno about Granny-style, but this thread seems to cover the cause of this pretty well and offer some workarounds:

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Thanks. Yup, this solution is similar to the one I pasted, and the dirty_bytes setting helps. An odd problem to have though.

I am sorry - I am real bad about not clicking links... I should have checked that.

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This is an old thread, but some of the tips may still be applicable:

Once thing I have noticed about Gnome... Just because a bug is old, doesn't mean you can discount it as gone...

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