Core or lite

Is it better to install core or lite version on my about 10 years old laptop?
Specifications are:
i3 350m
integrated graphics
4gb ram
500gb HDD

I would go with lite with that specs. Core run best with 8 GB.


Come to think of it, I was able to run Core pretty well with 4 gigs of RAM.

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I second Zorin Lite, those are similar to the specs I have on my laptop and Zorin Lote works great (I have a n5000 not a i3)

The ram, more than the processor, will determine what you should run. If it just meets the ram specifications, it will run, but not to fast. If you couple that with an old quad core p4 or a4, you will be dragging to run any software beyond the desktop.

I3 with 4gb ram should be on lite, in order to run smoothly as well as run software so it responds. That doesn't mean memory intensive applications won't stutter, especially if you're attempting to run multiple applications or instances of an application. Core would most likely freeze or stop responding periodically under those conditions.

Don't expect it to run 60+ tabs in Firefox/Chrome, gimp and discord. Won't happen, not without something failing. Gaming in this rig will be problematic, even with all of the graphics settings of our on their lowest values.

An NVMe or SSD drive can help mitigate that, with an adjusted swap file size and access time, but it still will not perform like the latest machines.

My machine prior to this one was an industrial i3 with 16gigs RAM.
The "Industrial" is the clue there: It clocked at 3.8 to 4.2 ghz.
So when talking processors, we really need to know the clock speed, more than the name.

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If you take a look at the system requirements for Zorin, you would see that Core would require 2 gigs of RAM whereas Lite would only require 1 gig.

I suggest you run a live boot session using both versions and see which one you prefer.

Core looks much nicer. Get an SSD. Everything is so much faster it's amazing. Also, your swap file will be so fast you never really have to worry about memory.


I will go For Lite even if it had 16 GB Ram. But, for my PC's with more than 32 GB I will Go for Pro Version :joy:


I've had core run on a 16GB laptop and it runs fine.
In fact I've tried core on a 4GB laptop.

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