Core to Lite and installing XFCE

Hello everybody,

I have 11 years old pc ( Toshiba L505-110). I was using win10 but it was horrible for my pc. Then, I switched to Zorin Os. It feels better, more usable but I still find this little bit slow. I have regret about not downloading Zorin OS lite. I cannot set thing up again. Is there a way to switch Zorin Os Lite without losing data ? Or switching to xfce environment via terminal can help about speed?


I am almost afraid to post this… But yes, you can install XFCE4 desktop on Zorin Core. Fortunately, it is easier to install XFCE4 than to install Gnome.
XFCE is modular.

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

You can switch desktop environments from the Log In screen.

From there, you will want to install various apps for Zorin Lite. Some take the easy route of

sudo apt-get install xfce4-goodies

Or you can make a list and then install them all at once separated with a spcae between package names.

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With this way, I will not lose any data in my hard drive, am I right?

Is it safe to do that? I installed matlab 1 week ago, I dont want to lose all data and my license there, so that it would be nice to not losing any data

No, you will not overwrite data. The system will set a block for installation of the new Desktop Environment.

Thank you for the fast replies. So, it’s safe to that. The only change will be in system environment. Hard drive datas, applications stays same.

I am running Zorin Lite and I installed Cinnamon on it. So, I run Zorin “Cinnamon” instead of XFCE.
StarTrekker on here runs Zorin 12.4 Core and installed XFCE desktop on it and runs it as Zorin Lite (Same as what you are asking about.)

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