Core20 update fail

Unable to update core20:
snap has no updates available

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See if the command line options work better:

Personally I won't touch snap or flatpak or App Image software on any distro. If GNU/Linux ends support for APT and developers become lazier, I will go back offline to mi good old Amiga 1500!


Gday @Luca_Pavan, I had the same thing happen, but looking at my installed list it seems to have installed, ( i assume the runtimes are not removable?) Maybe try a reboot also.

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@swarfendor437, as I read that's for Pop!_OS I'd prefer to not install it. Then, at least for this kind of updates (bare, core, Mesa, Freedesktop Platform and others so technical), I prefer to use Software Center directly rather than external sources (third parties webpages for instance), just to avoid installing a wrong, corrupted or an unsupported version.

Me, too, I prefer Software Center to update or install new stuff, I don't even place my cursor on the 3 you said :rofl:.

:rofl:. I do the same, at least temporarily. If I've had enough of something I tend to switch devices, for example if I'm having too much trouble with my phone I let it gather some dust and play PlayStation for a month or more.


Thanks a lot for telling it, in fact for some reason I saw it on Installed section despite yesterday the update was failing.

Another weirdness kindly offered by Software Center :face_exhaling:.

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Could have been a update server suffering from too much Christmas cheer.


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Hi, I was making an assumption that it just needed the Qt file/s! (Based on the article, even though it was looking at PopOS! Qt files are distro agnostic, but not DE agnostic, come to think of it! (Plasma, LxQt).

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