Correct notification icons for chrome extensions

Hey there! I have run into a weird problem that I think should be addressed.
When an app sends a notification, the icon of the notification is the app icon.
This is a problem for chrome extensions.

If a chrome extension wants to have a unique icon for the notification, it works on windows, but not Zorin. Zorin just uses the default app icon instead.

How can this be changed? Is it a bug?

How did you install Chrome? Flatpak/snap? If so, that may be the problem.

Tanks you Storm.

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Just used firefox to install brave, brave is built off chromium. The same effects still happen on the normal chrome aswell.

Within Chrome, the snippet looks like:

const title = 'Icon Notification';
const options = { icon: '/images/demos/icon-64x64.png'};
registration.showNotification(title, options);

This should display the same in Linux or in Windows.
I believe that this issue would be better addressed on the Chrome Forum, as this is unlikely to be a Zorin OS issue.
Off-Hand, though - I would also suggest checking on the Linux sub-forum of the Vivaldi (also built off of Chrome) Forum as there are many knowledgeable and helpful members there, too.