Correct way to resize root?

As you can see I didn't really know what I was doing when installing and partitioning. Now I need to make root larger. From reading I think I would first make the home partition smaller from the left, then move swap then make root larger. Need to do this from a live session. Is this the correct way? Thanks

So many boxes, Mason. That's not a fun place to be haha.

Ok, so before doing anything, backup anything important, because this type of maneuver is gonna cost us 3 years.

So I hope someone comes in to correct me, but if you wanna resize your home, I would do it from the right, not from the left. Then once it has been resized, move it further over to the right. Then move swap, then make root larger.

If you resize from the left, typically that can have a decent chance of corrupting some data. But regardless in this scenario, definitely backup.

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If I resize home from the right how would I use the free space after home? I am dual booting with windows.

Can you actually move a partition or just have to resize?

From what I can tell there's nothing after your home partition (partition 7) correct? Then there should be no issue making it smaller from the right, and then moving it to the right.

I would probably recommend using a different program for this though, like gparted or something similar. I don't think Disks has the ability to move, but Gparted should have that ability.

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Thanks. I think I got it. I'll give it a try in a bit.

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Do you have a Dual Boot System? I ask because of Partition 4 with NTFS. And did You made the Partitions manually?

Yes I dual boot with windows. I made the Linux partitions manually. Have not tried to resize yet.

Is there a Reason why You didn't choose the automatic Option?

Successfully got it done. Thanks for the help.

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