Could Material Black Blueberry 4.0 Theme For Zorin OS Be Included?

Hello Zorin team! I was wondering if this theme could be included with Zorin OS 16. I think it would be a real smash hit.

I got the theme from Gnome Look.

Theme: Material Black Blueberry 4.0
ICONS: Blueberry Numix Icons 2021


Idk man, I don't think it looks modern enough. But if you like it, continue using it I guess

In my own opinion, the problem with a "modern" look is the fallacy of trying to define it. By a strict definition, a Modern Look must be outdated by the second time you see it.

The retro look of the new Dodge Charger or the New Ford Mustang should be anathema and sales flops by that standard.
They aren't, of course... Because a Timeless Look needs no expiration date.
What matters is what the User Enjoys.

For some of us, that must see the computer screen a great deal during a day, it cannot be bland, flat or dull.
You need to enjoy what you see, whether others like it, don't like it or enjoy it as much. Visuals that add energy to the feeling you get logging in, that provide a sense of excitement at seeing your layout, rather than the drab pasty thing that is supposed to be "trending" has a stronger effect on productivity and user experience.
It is why marketing and advertising tend to avoid the specified "modern" look often (Except for Apple... Because Apple's entire business motto is all about "Modern" and one-upping itself.) Most businesses want to avoid their look being associated with being dated not long after the advertisements are aired.

Good themes can be enjoyed for years, not weeks.

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In my opinion, Zorin Os's default look is very stunning. I don't think Zorin devs should add another theme. Users can also add a custom theme via Zorin Appearance or Gnome Tweaks.

I want to thank you Aravisian for your honesty. I think we are raised on the philosophy that we must like what is currently popular, modern, new. But that is not really a good way to go through life, and will often leave you with less enjoyment.

If you saw the pictures I posted of the old Apple 1999 Imac's. I was lucky enough to use those machines for a short time. But I wasn't lucky enough to own one myself, and I still feel bad about that today.

Well, those machines are like 22-years old now, and they still have a place in my heart, despite how old they are. I look at a Apple 1999 IMAC and I ask myself, what happened to that beautiful style? Its the same way we look at a 60's - 70's Mustang, what happened to that style?

The answer is, it got replaced by the oh so called modern look, but just cause its a modern look, doesn't necessarily mean that its good. It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And one of the awesome things about Linux, is it gives us the choice to choose for ourselves what we want.

And you are so right Aravisian about that too. If using a computer every single day, for many hours out of the day, why would we want to look at the same boring layout, day in and day out? Why not something that makes us smile?

That theme package I posted about actually comes with multiple color schemes. But what makes me super happy, are combining the colors of black and blue, I think they go excellent together, and provide great contrast.

Plus, I am a fan of the icons as well. I don't feel the need to turn my computer into a 3D virtually reality center where there is a need for icons to pop out of the screen and poke me in the eye. I like a combination of traditional style, with a bit of modern accents.

Which is also one of the reasons why I really loved the look of Apple OS from system 7.61 to system 9.22. I really love the look of the icons that Apple used in their OS. And when you know what you love, you stick with it.

I need to look at Ebay more often, one of these days I need to secure myself one of those 1999 IMAC's, it will be a bucket list item. :grinning:

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I agree on this. Zorin maintaining their own signature look is a big part of what makes it Zorin OS. They cannot reasonably include other users themes - and there is no real need to when the other users give a means of acquiring them independently.

I did - which cracked me up because I had seen those same two (notebook was Orange, not blue) in some older Mitchell and Webb Situation skits.

Cinnamon, Mate, LXDE and XFCE all allow for a user to Mix n' match their themes, which is something I really enjoy. With Gnome, you kind-of can... Only the Shell and Window can be different.

And I enjoy making OddBall themes that not many people would like and are not considered "modern" but are timeless- as it allows that outlet for those that enjoy them to have them instead of having to go with the flow and settle without.
One guy even told me he uses my themes because it is a breath of fresh air from the constant inundation of "trending" looks.

Im only 14 so I actually have no idea why people like the style but it's ur choice I guess

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