CPU Monitor for Zorin Lite

I would like CPU monitor that sits in the top righthand corner of the screen. Something that I can glance at without clicking anything. The ‘cooler’ the better.

Any recommendations?

Yes, Conky.

sudo apt-get install conky-all

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mark-pcnetspec/conky-manager-pm9

sudo apt update

sudo apt-get install conky-manager

As far as how cool you want it to be… Draw a sketch or make a request… I can make you a reasonably cool one without breaking the cpu usage. :stuck_out_tongue:
This is my Azenis themed RC: EDIT- this is an entire RC, not just a small and simple CPU monitor. I have one of those, too. One comes with your conky-all installation, as well. Only, it is not as Cool Looking. But it could be…

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I was surprised to see Conky missing from the Zorin repo’.

Conky is in but the conky manager, as an independent project, has changed through several maintainers.

The mistake I made was searching the repo’ while I was using Core on my desktop. :blush:

Anyway, it installed without any problems, so now I will go and play with it.