Cpu power manager zorin lite xfce

can any one recommend me cpu power manager app can work for zorin lite xfce

You can try out corectrl

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Thank u Aravisian, i can control frequency governor in it, but how u can set cpu frequency limits?
2- should i open it every time i start pc to get that settings, or it save that settings.

Corectrl access a profile with the configurations, so you should not have to reconfigure it on every boot.
In the GUI, click Apply, then click save to save it to the global profile.

The "conservative" state will adhere to the upper limits. I am not sure if you can manually set the upper limits or not, I would need to look that up...
(Which I have just tried and gotten nowhere...)

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thank u, but i think the last version is different for me from that version in video.

I have tried these two applications in zorin lite(xfce), one working like the gnome CPU Power Manager app, and the second working like them in addation to giving more options to set cpu frequency limits

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