Cpu: SGX disabled by BIOS AsusTUFGamingFX505GE

Hi, my Laptop not booting System. This error is Random Number and cpu: SGX disabled by BIOS. GRUB looks OK. I enabled Secure Boot Control and Keys and turn off USB Booting in BIOS but not worked. Please Help.

Does it dump you to a shell command line after that error?

When booting, try the "Safe Graphics" option, then wait a couple minutes (it's slower than the regular boot option).

Let me know if that works or not, and we'll troubleshoot further if not.

Do you have a BIOS / UEFI option to change the Intel Software Guard Extensions (a method of encrypting a region of memory containing certain code, and sandboxing that region of memory) to something else? Some BIOS / UEFIs have the options of "Enabled", "Software Controlled" and "Disabled"... if you have those options, fiddle with them until your machine boots without error. SGX is usually disabled by default, unless your programs have need of high-security computing (the programs should refuse to run unless SGX is "Enabled" or "Software Controlled" in the BIOS / UEFI).

Have Secure Guard Extension (SGX) enabled or not is purely an Intel BIOS Setting that you set in the BIOS. It is a user choice as to whether they want it on or not and it is not related to Zorin OS.

Not, I have only command line be C in GRUB.. The option "Save Graphics" work perfectly. I disabled SGX in BIOS. Please provide further guidance.

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