Crackle and Pop every time I start to play media

Hello I own a Dell XPS 17 2021 model with i9 proc. Due to hardware being so new I am forced to upgrade to kernel 5.15.26 . Kernel 5.13.x has issues with Thermals and shuts down my video. On this newer kernel (5.15.26) every time I start to play music or video I get a popping sound and every time media stops playing I also get a popping sound. This is not the end of the world but it is annoying. Not sure if anyone else has encountered this issue and can suggest a fix. Any feedback provided is appreciated.


I have not had popping sounds with my experience just rare static echo sounds. Have you had this problem with the 5.13.0-30-generic kernel? For example, my PC is 2021 year model as well (ROG Strix G17 ) That and I would upgrade my kernel to your version but I do not know how and I would not want to mess with that. What did the new kernel fix for you that the other one did not?

Thermals was the biggest fix. Kernel 5.13 would not activate fans once cpu and GPU reached certain temps typically 100c. This causes laptop video to shut down.

I upgraded to the Linux kernel 5.16.12 and this fixed my Bluetooth problem but how did you update without any problems with updating your system? I have had massive problems with that so I had to go back the the normal 5.13 LTS kernel.

I did not update to 5.16 updated to 5.15 from Xanmod website.

I probably should try 5.16 . Perhaps when I’m up for tinkering with my fancy laptop.

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