Crackling sound in games and Twitch, since latest kernel update?

I have been encountering some audio crackling issues for about the last two weeks. Sound runs mostly fine but sometimes I get a weird audio glitch, like a kind of digital buzz that I can't describe much better than that honestly. I mostly found that through games, but then I also figured out it happens on Twitch, but not on Youtube.
When I try to record some game footage, the crackling sound doesn't not appear on the recording.
I tried to change my GPU drivers, PulseAudio settings (the infamous tsched=0) and several minor shots in the dark that I can't remember, to no avail.
After checking my dpkg logs, the issue seems to correlate with when the latest kernel update (6.5.0-28) got installed on my computer. However, I tried booting with the previous one from the grub menu, but it hangs at "loading initial ramdisk". My BIOS is also up to date.
What other solutions do you suggest to get this fixed ?

Have you got any earlier kernels to try?

@Gyoo i.e. try this: Games not working after kernel update - #3 by zabadabadoo

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I tried selecting the previous kernel from grub. That's where I got the boot stuck at "loading initial ramdisk".
I don't have other earlier kernels than 6.5.0-27 to try. I could always try to install earlier kernels but to me there's always a risk of breaking a lot more stuff in the process.

Somebody in a Discord server pointed out the issue could come from Pipewire. After trying the change of settings they linked me in this post it looks like the issue has been mitigated for now but I'll keep track in the upcoming days before calling this fixed

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Update : the issue is still there, but it seem to happen less often.
I managed to record the kind of audio glitch that I get through my phone : SndUp | Post Info (around 0:01-0:02)