Crash zorin

Ho provato ma continua a dare il problema, si blocca da schermata nera e riparte sulla solito schermata e la maggior parte delle volte si blocca da la schermata nera e mi rifa fare il login chiudendo tutto quello che stavo facendo

English translation:
I tried but it keeps giving the problem, it freezes from black screen and restarts on the usual screen and most of the time it freezes from the black screen and makes me log back in closing everything I was doing

I am out of ideas and cannot find a solution searching the internet.
Unless someone else has a bright idea.
Would you consider

  • backup your files and data,
  • download Z17 Pro .iso again,
  • check the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded .iso is correct,
  • then create a USB and reinstall Pro again.

Proverò, ma non c'è modo di chiedere al supporto tecnico, perche su tre pc mi da il solito problema

I'll try, but there's no way to ask technical support, because on three pcs it gives me the usual problem

I don't understand. Do you mean you have 3 PC's with same problem.
If so, I would definitely suspect the downloaded .iso being bad.

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The only Idea I would have is to try a newer Kernel. Maybe it has a better Driver-Support. But to look at the Iso and the Checksum seems to be a good Point.

Ho disinstallato zorin, scaricato zorin pro e controllato il checksum ed è corretto, installato e niente solito problema, noto che in fase di avvio mi da delle stringhe di codice

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I uninstalled zorin, downloaded zorin pro and checked the checksum and it's correct, installed and nothing usual problem, I notice that at startup it gives me some strings of code

Re: ACPI errors. See this: ACPI errors on boot - #2 by swarfendor437

By "usual problem" do you mean cursor freezing and screen goes black?
Maybe you need to use a more recent linux kernel.

PS. It would help and save us time if you provided an English translation of your posts using an online translator, which I have been having to do on your behalf.

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Sorry for the translation but I wasn't thinking about it, I followed the post and the error messages at startup are resolved, now I'm retesting the system to see if it crashes, I'll let you know how it goes, for now thank you very much

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it gave me the usual PC stuck problem again, the mouse didn't move for a minute, then a black screen lasting about 10 seconds and then it started again

We have asked before, but can you check the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded .iso against the Zorin published value, to confirm the .iso file is good. Let us know the result.

Also which edition of ZorinOS are you using on that machine i.e. Pro, Core or Lite?

I checked the iso and the SHA256 checksum is correct, I use the Pro version

With Pro, you do have the option to seek help from the devs. But bear in mind there are only two of them, so patience is needed. I suggest you refer to this thread if you do contact them direct.


I'll try to ask the developers for info, I'll update you, for now thanks for the support