Crashes with stripes on screen

My Zorin 17 core crashes everyday. Everything looks fine,works fine and suddenly stops. Just empty screen with stripes black&white,blue,yellow... I must turn off PC by holding down power key 20 seconds to shut down and when I turn on again everything is OK. Normal boot,programs working fine etc.
My PC is Intel i5 Haswell 8 GB RAM AMD HD5770 Graphic and Samsung EVO 120

Have you other OS to test it? My first thought is that something (likely the GPU) that is to be come faulty.

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Do You use a special Program and the Systems collapses? Is it after a specific Time of Usage? It Secure Boot disabled? Is it a Dual-Boot System?

Nothing special,no specific time,boot normal every time and Zorin is only OS on disc. Windows installed separately to another drive,no GRUB. Just randomly stop.
Maybe this will help :

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Windows runs perfect on the same machine (dual drive no GRUB).

That on the Pictures is a multiple Configuration Issue. I don't think that this is the Problem but let's solve this. For this open the Terminal and type:

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/archive_uri-http_archive_ubuntu_com_ubuntu_-jammy.list

In the opening Window You go to Line 4 and set at the Beginning of the Line a # and then You push ctrl+o to save the Change, Enter to confirm and ctrl+x to close. Then you are back in the normal Terminal and there You use again sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade and update Your System. I see on Your Pictures that are 19 Packages are open for an Update. Install it and test if maybe the Update solve it.

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I did it and there is no multiple configuration now.Thank you for that.

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Have you disabled Fast Startup in windows?

Fast Boot disabled in BIOS. Secure boot is on Setup ,not on System. Integrated graphic is OFF and Zorin 17.1 boots normaly,works fine but sometimes just freeze the display and I have to shut down by power button and then power on. Some kind of hard reset and everything works OK again until new freeze.

Can you check/post the log, next time it happens. Zorin comes with a log app.

Disable the Secure boot completely then try again. And Fast Startup in windows is different from Fast boot in bios. Fast startup can be accessible from Windows Power management settings.

Zorin is not the problem. My HD5770 finally died today,early in the morning.RIP.
Thanks everybody for help. I hope it will work OK with integrated graphic.
Problem solved with funeral.


Unfortunately you were right!