Creating efi file system failed during installation

Acer Swift. Started Zorin from a USB stick and it worked, decided to install it alongside Windows 10.
Before the actual installation started it showed an error that creating efi file system failed.
The OK button didn’t do anything, I had to turn my laptop off by long pressing the power button.
That’s it. It never woke up again.
Charging LED flashes slowly but no charger connected. It will not react on anything I try. A dead brick.
Thank you Zorin.
I need my laptop tomorrow for a Zoom conference. Now I go to Walmart tomorrow morning, buy a new one and send you the bill?
So disappointed. Freaks me out.

I had to open my laptop to disconnect the battery. Then it started again in Windows.
I will definitely not try it again.
So far my first experience with installing Linux on a Windows PC.

Windows features can prevent other OSs from being installed. Please see #3 & #4 here:

Also, the following is the partitioning scheme I would recommend: