Methods of downloading Zorin OS

I am downloading a copy of ‘Zorin Education’ at the moment and wanted to make a few comments.
So far it has been about 2 hours and it says I have about one and a half hours to go to finish.
Could this be supplied as a compressed file to speed it up ?
The newer versions of Balena Etcher can automatically decompress the files as it is flashed to your usb stick.
Also I have been using a ‘usb to micro sd card adapter’ sometimes to store downloaded operating systems on micro sd cards.
The prices on the smaller Micro sd cards is quite inexpensive.
and some newer tablets and computers can boot directly from an sd card.
or you can just use the adapter and sd card as a replacement for the conventional ‘usb stick’…

So far it has been about 2 hours and it says I have about one and a half hours to go to finish.

I have had that happen to me before, too. When it does, I just cancel it and try again a few minutes later.
Everytime I ever downloaded Zorin, it only took a couple of minutes to do.

I am in rural Arizona USA, this is pretty common here.
Some “Show Place Cities” in the USA do have pretty fast speeds.
But a high percentage of users in this country have slower speeds than even small countries.
Besides the Education version is a bit bigger download.
There is only one supplier of “wireless DSL” in this area.
With the Covid the daytime speeds have really dropped, but it is unlimited quantity.
It is 2pm here now so we also have children doing school online atm.
Cell data would be faster but they have a cap on how much you can download.

I agree with it, sometimes when downloading ZorinOS (Ultimate) that the server speeds are very slow compared to other distributions, (I’m in a big city) it would be nice if we could also download it through a .torrent file, which is more fast and if the speed goes up or down it is not necessary to cancel everything to download it again, maybe they can improve that in the future.

You could try sourceforge:

A note of reminder: You want to check Everything Carefully if downloading from a site other than this one, however. Use with caution.
But as an alternative, it may offer a faster speed.

You must have a fibre connection for those speeds? It takes me one hour to download 2GB, but I only have copper connection here in the UK.

No, not really. Maybe a couple minutes was not my best wording. But never more than ten actual minutes, either.

Make sure you check the SHA256 Checksum of downloaded file (particularly if downloaded from 3rd party site), against that published on the Zorin website.

I can’t see a way quoting another post on new forum so have cut and pasted a post by AZorin here:

You can verify whether the file has been downloaded correctly without corruption by verifying that its sha256 checksum matches the one listed after pressing the “View sha256 checksums” button on this page:

To verify the checksum, we would recommend you to use an app called QuickHash, which can be downloaded from here:

*After opening QuickHash, please navigate to the “Files” tab and select the “ sha256 ” Hashing Algorithm before clicking the “Select File” button to choose the Zorin OS .iso file and waiting for the checksum to be generated.

Edit: added illustration
*view sha256 checksums

I posted about this in the old forum:

I use Sparklight for my internet connection. I’m supposed to get 100mbps but rarely measure over 10. Right now, I’m downloading Zorin and it says that it will take over 11 hours to download.

Does this sound like a connection problem? I also use CyberGhost VPN. I expect some slowdown, but not 90%.

@dave1 Have you tried to download a big file from somewhere else to check out download speed. Sometimes Zorin downloads via Sourceforge can get bogged down at peak times and take longer than expected. Also have you tried downloading without your VPN, to see if that is contributing.
For what it is worth, I have just commenced a download of LIte and the download time was predicted as 15mins.