CrystalDiskMark - how are Linux partitions mapped to Windows drive letters?

Actually, no. Linux as a whole does not support NTFS. Zorin OS does with the inclusion of the ntfs-3g package.

I do not agree with your take on this but I also do not feel like diving deep and digging through the source code on CrystalDiskMark just to belabor a point.
If KDiskMark can resolve your issue - that is what matters most.

I was not aware of this. Thank-you for the correction.

I looked at KDiskMark - it is not a port of CrystalDiskMark but a new implementation. The GUI mirrors exactly CrystalDiskMark's GUI and I think it may do exactly what KDiskMark. Again, thank-you for the heads-up, I was not aware of it when I wrote my original post.

As I want to understand why CrystalDiskMark did not work as I expected I will investigate this further. However, I think I will do this community a favor and leave this forum. Have a good day - Bye.

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