Ctrl, Alt, and windows keys not working


I just found that the Ctrl, Alt, windows key on my keyboard seem not working on Zorin. I opened keyboard layout and tried them but not working


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Can you please check your Region and Language settings and your Keyboard layout?

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What are you expecting them to do?

Sorry, it was me to put a wrong title.
I misunderstood the question by OP.
I fixed it now :sweat_smile:


Are you using them in some combination ( like ctrl+C etc) or ?
Other buttons working ok ?

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My region is Iran and keyboard layout both English & Persian I have. When I open keyboard layout (i.e., English) on the taskbar, on-screen keyboard appears, all the keys work well as I press them but as for ctrl, alt and super (windows key), when I press them on keyboard, the shift key on the on-screen keyboard will blink. Also, I really need to know the shortcut key for switching between keyboard languages like that of alt+shift in windows.

Thank you in advance for your time

All the buttons working well except ctrl, alt & super which seem not working. Every combination I tried with alt, ctrl and super, but it seems not working

Can you check in keyboard shortcut in settings , maybe those combination is already binded to something else.

If not, maybe try to change keyboard layout to English default