Ctrl + alt + del = htop

Hello. I just recently bought Zorin OS Pro and been looking for a way to rebind CRTL + ALT + DEL so it would launch Htop. As a power and windows user, I'm used to launch windows task manager via this shortcut and I do think many Zorin OS power-users would find it helfpul to launch a similar application in this manner as well.

I coulnt'd find a command to launch it yet. Please let me know the answer if you have it. Thanks.

Htop is not launched as a GUI application, but is a CLI command launched in terminal.
Zorin OS comes with gnome-system-monitor
Have you tested if it suits your needs?

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I'd honestly just install it through apt (sudo apt install htop) and then just add it like this:

Name : Htop
Befehl : x-terminal-emulator -x htop


Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete is usually an embedded command to look at shut-down, logout, reboot options so you would have to look at changing the command for that - is it really that essential?

the settings shortcuts section takes care of that, also it just shows the logout prompt/shutdown prompt (depending on DE)

I tried x-terminal-emulator -x htop it does launch the terminal, but not htop within it.

Thanks, gnome-system-monitor works fine and is a good alternative.

You may try gnome-terminal -x htop on Pro and Core and try xfce4-terminal -x htop on Pro Lite and Lite.

-x is deprecated for Gnome-Terminal, use syntax like this instead:

gnome-terminal -- htop


Brilliant :star_struck:. It works. Thank you so much :bowing_man:

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