Hi everyone,
I am experiencing something really weird....
So, the shortcut ctrl+shift+delete is used in browsers to clear browsing data. I do this manually every month. But the shortcut is not working in any browser, except firefox. What is weird is that the shortcut starts working in different browsers, once I use it in firefox. Please explain whats wrong....
Thanks in advance.

I don't use shortcuts like that, never have in any browser, I wasn't even aware that was a thing!

Now, you can either set the browser to clear your browsing data automatically, or you can manually go into settings to clear it. If the browser uses shortcuts, there should be a place where you can access what shortcuts are set to.

You might have to go into things like about configs, or chrome flags to access the advanced settings to change that IDK. Google search is your friend to finding out stuff like that.

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Google did not help....It is not much of a big deal, since i do this once in a month....I am guessing this issue exits only in chromium browsers since this problem is present in chrome and vivaldi but not on firefox...

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I think you guess it right. Vivaldi is Chrome base.


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