Ctrl+Shift+PrintScreen Shortcut Not Working

I used to use this shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+PrintScreen) for quick area selection printscreen. It still triggers the selection (cross indicator mouse cursor) and I also can hear the "camera picture" sound, but it's not working (it doesn't send the capture to be used on Ctrl+V) since November, 2022, I think.

Is anyone aware of this bug? Is there a workaround?

If you go to Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts and search for "screenshot" you should get a list of keyboard shortcuts that make use of the default screenshot utility. I'm not on Zorin right now but also using Gnome, and for me the default shortcut to copy to clipboard is Ctrl + Print. Can you check how this looks for you?

On my Keyboard the Shortcut is Shift+ FN + prtscr (Print screen) ..... Could this be not the option you really want ?

On mine it is fn + tab ......

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