Cups-filters bug: need advice

Hi I'm experiencing this bug when I print one page another page prints with this error message:

Invalid page range: Toner\\ Cartrige\\ S050147
Invalid page range: Toner\\

It seems to have been resolved in a later version of cups-filters, but neither CUPS PPA nor Zorin packages support this fix from a year ago.

It seems to be only an issue with my Ricoh printer driver and any Chromium-based browser. Firefox is not affected.

What can I do to patch this issue? Build from source?

Interesting askubuntu thread here:

Particularly the last poster who was running Fedora 34 and running kernel 5.14 - Zorin 16.2 is currently using kernel 5.15 I believe. Some interesting workarounds given in respect of Chrome browser issue. Better to stick to the browser that works and also avoid data scraping by Google!

Avoiding Google was also the official recommendation from Zorin support. I've always enjoyed Firefox so using that without issue!

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