Current Nvidia Drivers availible or not?

Any way to get the updates tab to show the most recent drivers? The 555 drivers released not too long ago and this list still only shows 545, I have it set to update daily but still nothing.

Well in the process of trying to fix it I ended up completely destroying Zorin's ability to render anything 3D despite wiping an reinstalling drivers a dozen times any 3D program instantly crashes assuming it even got that far to begin with.

ran inxi and got this

Nvidia drivers are not always better the larger number. Sometimes an older driver can solve the problem.

It appears you are using Wayland for display server. That could be the cause of the problem.


I agree with Hackets. For instant on my rolling distros the driver 555 bricked my systems -_-. The driver 555 is only good for if you running KDE in Wayland, that's the major improvement.

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Depends a lot on the video card you are running as well. I am running a 4070 in my new laptop and I had issues with both 535 and 545. Going with 555 resolved the major issues and put me back on par with my other system that has a 3050, which was perfectly fine on 535. Still has some minor annoyances, but those are not show stopping right now. Both systems running Zorin 17.1.

I guess solve problems for one card and brick another :slight_smile:

It seems the issue's i'm having are localized only in Zorin, switching to windows the gpu is working fine. So it has to be some sort of driver issue.

You probably need to switch from the intel to nvidia card.

sudo prime-select nvidia

Is the 555 Driver finished as a final Version or it is still a Beta Version? If it is a Beta Version that could explain why the Driver isn't in the Driver List.

I removed the ARC A770 from the system and entered that into the terminal, but still no luck

I am NOT a programmer, but from my eperience with Linux and several distros and video drivers it appears there is a lot of confusion about how they work. The LATEST is not always the best for a couple of reasons. The most important is the kernal version you are running. If you have an older kernal version and you try to run the latest video driver you are almost certainly going to have problems. And if you have an older video card and try to run the latest drivers you are probably going to have problems then too. If you go to the Nvidia site and read about the drivers you can read where it says these drivers are for these cards. The latest drivers are not compatible with all cards!!

I belong to some other Linux forums and in particular the MX Linux forum the devs are active on that forum. And they have posted several times to let the OS choose the right driver for your system. They have designed the OS to choose drivers they have tested and know to work with the kernal they are using and the video card you may have installed. But people still insist on trying to install the latest and crashing their system.

End of rant.