Cursor disappears

Hello Sorry for my bad English. I have the problem that with an externally connected mouse the mouse pointer disappears at some point. However, the function remains. If I use the trackpad on the laptop, the cursor immediately reappears and works normally. I have already tested three different mice. Two wireless mice and one cable mouse. I also completely reinstalled Zorin OS. Do you have another idea?
Sorry again for the bad English.

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Have you installed Zorin 15 Core or Lite? Or Zorin OS 16 Core?

I am experiencing the same issue.
OS16 Core (downloaded and installed Nov 1st, 2021) on HP laptop, connected to both external monitor and mouse.
Restart doesn't help- engaging trackpad on the laptop itself seems to make the pointer visible again.

You might try disabling the feature that hides the mouse if the touchscreen is activated:

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false

Try Disabling the hide feature for Touch and tablet mode screen.

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