Cursors change depending on app being used

When using downloaded cursor they are not working in all apps. It works i zorin system but certain apps the cursor display the system default, chrome browser is one of the app that this is happening. I used ubunte before zorin and the problem didnt exist, do i need to do anything more or is this the normal behaviour?

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Using "~$ sudo emacs /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme" just gives me emacs: command not found.
Also edited both cursor.theme and index.theme with the correct theme name after "Inherits" but it didnt work, still default cursor in chrome

Edit: Think i found out why this is happening.
"The themes will be different across applications because flatpak and snap require a hack (customization) in order to use themes and cursor files that are not programmed into the OS. A few other applications, installed by apt, are also known to use their own themes with no regard to system themes. This is not a failure of the Zorin devs, but the developers of flatpak, snap and those applications that do not check for system themes. "

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Very likely. You can check by cross referencing the apps that are not showing the custom cursor against which are installed as Snap or Flatpak install:

snap list

flatpak list

Zorin OS comes default with nano. You can replace emacs with nano in the command:

sudo nano /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme

You also can elevate your file manager to Root - then navigate the directory tree to /usr/share/icons/default/ and open index.theme in Text Editor.

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Thanks will do that.

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