Custom actions/commands for extra mouse buttons

I have a Trust mouse with 6 buttons, and they all have a default action.
Is it possible to map other actions/commands to these buttons?

We need volunteers who might have such fancy mouse.
@StarTreker @Michel
do you own a multi button mouse?

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Yes technically I do FrenchPress. But I never heard of that brand before, Trust Mouse? If it were a name brand such as Logitech, I would tell him to install the Piper APP for managing his mouse.


I have a trust mouse, GXT 165. Great mouse as it replaced my old Logitech mouse.

I did not map them in linux because it just works the same for me as it did in windows haha. Cant help sorry.


Then if you own a Trust mouse, perhaps you have a recommendation for the OP?

Did not test piper but he could. I never configured the buttons. In linux they work the same for me as it did in windows

Piper works great for me, maybe it will work for his Trust Mouse, I am just not sure though, cause like I said, I don't know that brand, don't think we have that brand in America.

It's a dutch company you can trust :sunglasses:


Where to get the Piper app .... maybe it will help my mouse .... the controls for mice except for standard mice is lacking in Zorin ....

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Hello Frog!

Piper is in the Ubuntu Universe. If that Repo has been added to your system, you should find it in the software store, or from your Synaptic Package Manager.

If its not, you could always add the PPA in terminal

sudo add-apt-repository universe

Then sudo apt update

Then check your software store again for Piper

Or, you could just install it via DEB


Thank you sir .... like i said it might not work but at least it is worth a shot .... lol

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Well I found it in the software store and downloaded it ... it installed OK but when I opened it I got this message .... "can't connect to ratbagd" ..... what is "can't connect to ratbagd" ... anyway it doesn't open ... have I got the wrong flavor of cheese ... LOL

RatbagD is Pipers system dependency.

Go ahead and mark it for installation and APPLY :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh the pain .... 1ba2df5142564a44966551027b9c6bbc

But thank you anyway .... we tried ... LOL


Same here, cannot find any devices.

Will try to find another way.


Same here I have the "Cannot connect to ragbagd" message.
Anyone found a solution?

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