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I recently reinstalled Zorin OS and understand that downloaded cursors should be extracted and put into /usr/share/icons. However, I do not have "permission."

I have used Sudo Su but then tried to move it with gui and it failed. What am I meant to do to move the cursor folder to /icons?


No need to install them systewide. You can put the cursor icons in either ~/.icons or ~/.local/share/icons


@Storm is correct; cursors will appear by your chosen theme whether placed in Root or in Home.
But you may want to place Icon themes in /usr/share/icons
So for future reference:
Open terminal then elevate to root;

sudo -i

Then launch Nautilus from the root terminal:


Navigate to the directories you need to modify.
Other locations (left pane) > Computer (right pane)

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If you have more than one user, the new cursor will not be available to other users unless the cursor folder is in /usr/share/icons.

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