Customisation - installing KDE-full (Plasma) 5.24 to Zorin OS 17 Core

Here is the video tutorial:


2nd video tweaking Plasma a little more - returning the Desktop Manager to gdm3 from SDDM, adding the gold z-logo I created for the Menu Icon, making Comic Relief a system-wide font, (something that Windows 11 users can no longer access unless you are confident at tweaking the registry) including applications, and changing the background to a simple colour which is what low-vision users require, something that Gnome Devs have overlooked by dropping this ability in respect of backgrounds.

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Have finished moving all systems to Zorin kde-Plasma-Weyland - runs very cool - even on laptops of old - here is a screenshot of the dual-boot desktop I just finished in Zorin 17 Pro.

Really enjoying it.

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Creating a Mac themed desktop in Plasma (I installed kde-standard), VM of Zorin 17. Now my original VM got corrupted in respect of my apt sources being duplicated and I could not rectify the issue - line numbers stating where the issues were were already rem'd out (#). So when I installed Plasma this second time around I could not adjust the screen size from within System Settings - had to install an app called Monitor Settings! So this is the Core version of Zorin OS 17 made to resemble something similar to MacOSX:

Global Theme: McMojave
Application Style: Fusion
Plasma Style: McMojave
Colours: McMojave
Window Decorations: McMojave
Icons: McMojave-circle-dark
Cursors: McMojave cursors
Splash Screen: McMojave (shown below)