Customization of Zorin OS Lite 17.1

Hi all!
I want to customize my Zorin OS 17.1 Lite desktop Release 2.
I want to add the following elements in my desktop. Please suggest me the methods to do it.

• Folders for icons like in Android
• Dark theme with rounded corners and macos like exit buttons
• Icon theme like UOS Deepin or better
• A Dock - Simple and lightweight
• Cool Effects and Animations for windows and everything else possible
• Touchpad Gestures like in GNOME
• Terminal customization
• Changing the Start Menu icon
• Some preferable sounds
• Universal Keyboard shortcuts

Please note that I also want to keep my RAM usage low as there are only 3 gigs of RAM present. It is an Intel Pentium CPU - T4200 Dual core.

Thanks in Advance

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Please everyone help me out

For The Icons: Deepin Icons 2022 or Deepin V20

Theme: WhiteSur (in the List you will see WhiteSur -Dark for download)

sudo apt install plank

Themes: Docks -

Need a least core (Gnome) or KDE Desktop for that.

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Does Plank work on xfce, too?

Aye, it should. As long you don't use Wayland.

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Oh, interesting. Good to know.

I even had plank running in KDE as well.

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I forgot one Thing. If You should like the WhiteSur Theme, there are fitting Icons to that Theme: WhiteSur Icon's

Oh, by the way - if you want a cool terminal, get tilda

sudo apt install tilda

Here's how mine looks like (with powerlevel10k)

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Ok. I was actually reluctant to change DE for compatibility issues. On my 3GB ram, will KDE work?
I don't think GNOME will be good for my laptop

Also how much ram would KDE use? At idle state?

Ok.I found that the ram usage was around 0.5 gb. But I want to try GNOME can I install Zorin OS Core on 3 GB ram? Will it be laggy?

Maybe a little bit too less. But You could pack it on an USB Stick and try it first in Live Mode. It would run maybe not so smooth because it is on an USB Stick but You could check Your Hardware and if that can handle it.

KDE and Gnome will possible work on 3GB on idle, but what will be troublesome is when you start using different apps, like browser which easily eats up the rest of your RAM.

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Will Compiz give me some effects?
If yes, then how to install it?

Nope. Not at all.
Being a programmer in Windows with low specs, I understood what was wrong. And I don't want GNOME OR KDE to do so.

Can anyone recommend me a plugin or method for animations on xfce? Not heavy necessarily. Light window animations and minimalistic effects would do