Customize notification settings position and theme in zorin lite

I try to change the position of the notification, but still the preview in the top left, and i can't get the default theme.

Can you please run

sudo apt install --reinstall xfce4-notifyd

Set theme from Retro to Default.
Test position using the Show Preview button.

not working,I have tried a lot of calendar app like osmo , korgnizer , and gcalcli, I have deleted all because i think them may still effect on that

That is a good point... This issue can be caused by a different notification service running. Try using SysMon or Task Manager to check.

I found the problem was because of i3 package which i installed it and removed it in the past, but still something related to it doesn't removed called dunst, so i search it on synaptic and removed it, it is very good now , thank for that page

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