Customize Zorin with

I am interested in customizing Zorin Os 16.3, that's how I would like to install new themes and icons, for which I have chosen some from the page.
Could you please tell me how to do it?
Thank you very much.

create two folders in Home and name them .icons and .themes, unzip your stuff and put them into related fodders, then go to Zorin Appearance and choose your Icon set/ theme and shell.


A lot of themes also have their own instructions and/or install scripts that you can use, especially the most popular. For example, the Catppuccin for GTK theme has that which is pretty useful to quickly install, update or customize it to your liking. But it mostly comes down to what @Abdulhalim has said, a few pre-defined directories where your OS will look for custom themes and icons.


Download your icons, extract them, then place them in:

  1. Your local folder /home/USER/.icons/


  1. For all users to access - /usr/share/icons/ even cursor themes, put them in the 'icons' directory to show up.

For cursor changes, you'll need gnome-tweaks.

You probably mean /home/USER/.local/share/icons/

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Edited - and actually no, they can reside in /home/USER/.icons/ as well - typo.

Do take a look in the the "Customisation" section of the forum: Customization - Zorin Forum

edit: After I posted that, I realised you have been on the forum some time and should know about the Customisation section. Facepalm.

I moved this thread to the Customization sub-forum, however, since it fits the category and may provide many different points of advice rather than a specified solution.


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