Customizing taskbar in xfce

  1. This a newbie question. I moved to xfce in Zorin OS 16 Core yesterday and I liked. Let me get straight to the question. I want to push things down in my taskbar and yes that means I have positioned my taskbar vertically to the left side. I looked at the taskbar that was on top of the screen and found that it uses two separators in between the things aligned to left and things aligned to right. But that did not seem to work.

  2. On the taskbar, is the a way to fully display my name?
    Screenshot from 2021-09-11 10-19-15
    (I know you are probably saying that the taskbar looks ugly)

Thanks in advance :grinning:


From the Items tab in Panel Preferences, click on the separator item to select it. Then click on the Settings Icon on the bottom or the right side toolbar. This will open a pop up window with settings for the Separator.
You can choose transparent or not - and you can choose to expand the separator. Expanding it makes it push all items on either side away from it.
Unexpanded, the separator only occupies the width of the separator.

I don't think there is on the Vertical Panel...

Which plugin is it?


Should have missed that when I was "exploring." Thank you for the help.


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