Cut and Paste Problem

Today I cut (ctrl+x) a file from the desktop and wanted to paste it in /home/user/Downloads/Documents/. But when I tried to paste it says there is no file on that directory. I checked the desktop and the file is gone from the desktop too. Where can I find the file?

Update: I got the file. Libre Office somehow recovered it.

Is it a bug? It happened twice with me today.

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A long standing thorn, it is...

I was able to resolve this since I use the Nemo File Manager. Not sure about Thunar...

Is Nemo better than Thunar? Both style wise and work wise?

Does my currently applied theme will remain the same in Nemo?

How can I install Nemo?

I definitely prefer Nemo over Thunar.
Given your fast learning, I am sure you will have no problems with it.

But only you can decide for yourself. If is highly configurable.

sudo apt install nemo

If you do not like it,

sudo apt remove --purge nemo

After installing Nemo, Can I get back to Thunar without uninstalling Nemo when I wish?

You can install as many file managers as you want..And you can use them all at once. You do not need to remove the others

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How can change back and forth from Thunar to Nemo?

You can launch either file manager that you wish, either from the App Menu or from the App Finder (alt+F2)
You can only set one as default, however. Thunar is set as default... by default. But you can change that to Nemo. And if you change your mind later, you can remove the default setting for Nemo.

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