Cutoff Windows On Sub-HD Resolution Monitor

With the 32-bit build of Lite-15.3, the Xfce Power Manager window is cutoff on my Atom N270 powered Acer machine's 1280x600 (WSVGA) screen, and is unable to maximize.

The same window maximizes just fine on my Pentium 4 powered Dell machine (also with 32-bit Lite-15.3) with a 1024x768 (XGA) screen, so it's not a case of that window being unable to maximize (Also, wouldn't it not show the maximize button if that were the case?).

Is there an alternative desktop environment that better supports SVGA displays? Bonus points for VGA/NTSC display support as well.

If not, how can I mitigate the consequences of using a WSVGA display in an era where "standard" HD displays have changed from the original 1280x720 pixels to the current 1366x768 pixels, and minimum resolution for desktops often being the new definition of HD? Besides changing from a horizontal Taskbar to a vertical one.

Holding the alt key while clicking any area on a window with the mouse will allow you to move the window into a more optimal position.

Is the Maximize Button Missing entirely? Or does the window just open with it offscreen (if this, use the alt key tip above to adjust the window)?

Neither. The maximize button is there and is onscreen, but when clicked it only does the animation of being clicked - it does not resize the window to fill the screen.

What graphics card are you using?

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