Cypress Touchpad/Trackpad XPS 12 Dell


I have old laptop and cannot activate my touchpad - Cypress.

There are some tutorials on the internet for upgrading older kernels, but I don't have any experience of adding modules to a kernel myself.

However, maybe there are some ready-made solutions or add-on packages to get Cypress working.

The laptop also has a touchscreen, which is probably problematic, as older kernels had a problem with using two touchdevices at the same time.

In short - help is needed :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Could you give me a more detail of your laptop?

I searched other forums and the latest information was from 2015.
Perhaps not the same laptop but it uses Cypress Touchpad:


Laptop is Dell XPS 12 (2012 year)

If correctly understand, then cypress touch uses cyapta driver

there is a driver here, but I have no idea how it should get into the kernel.
and here

Frenchpress link talks about downloading a new kernel, but the example is based on a 32 bit kernel :slight_smile:

Which you can still try with Zorin 15 (32bit).
It is still under the support.

I checked the links you provided:
This cyapta driver should be already included in the kernel:

found in Linux kernels: 3.9–3.19, 4.0–4.20, 5.0–5.15, 5.16-rc+HEAD

we are using kernel 5.11 in Zorin 16.

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I wondered the same... And tried searching. And failed.
Thanks for succeeding.

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While we know it is already in the kernel, we still do not know why it does not work on this laptop.

Does this laptop have a switch to turn it on and off ?


Michel - what you mean?

Laptop has usual power button - separate options to switch touchpad off it does not have.

My laptop has a button to enable and disable the trackpad.


But i read you dont have it, thats a shame. I will look into this for you if i have time today.

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That is an awesome looking lappy you have :star_struck:

Some of my laptops come with network switches (for WiFi and Bluetooth) but none of them have a trackpad switch.

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Thanks :sunglasses:

With my laptop i have fn + f3. But that is for wifi only (just checked)

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