Daily "error", "failed" and "unable" stuff

Do you think these are giving me serious problems somewhere? And can I fix them somehow or would be too hard?

These are stored as Important but All is an apparently endless list so it's harder to list them all. Do you see the same as me on your Important section?

This is hardware specific, so, no we don't see the same thing. It has to do with the radeon atom bios. This is your GPU or graphics card.

You can check the software updater other tab to see if proprietary drivers are available, but AMD Processors are normally included in the firmware. You may need a newer firmware (possible to install alone but is also included in new kernel updates).

Did you upgrade to zorin 16.2? Would you type uname -r and post the output here?

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None :neutral_face:.

Yes, I'm already there, I checked Info on Settings to make sure.

Sure! Done, here's the output is 5.15.0-56-generic

How old is your system? A newer model? I ask because you are running the latest kernel. A firmware upgrade may help if you have any newer hardware.

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Asus K52N, and I was surprised when I read that came out in 2020, I'd have given it at least 5 years more :sweat_smile:. By the way, I never changed any hardware, one day I just tried changing a RAM card because I thought there was an available memory read error but then I put the same one back as before. I hope that simply changing a RAM card once for a test wasn't a problem. Because then, as I said, I put the same one back as before.

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