Dark Mode for KolourPaint

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have a little Question: I installed the Program KolourPaint (a Paint Program). Unfortunately it is default light:

The Problem is that the Symbols are light too because I use a dark Theme (look at the red marked Positions). I looked in the Settings of the Program if it is possible to activate a Dark Mode but I didn't found something.

If here are some Users, who use that, maybe they could help me out with this. I have installed the Flatpak Version. There is a .deb Version too but there is the same Problem PLUS the Symbols where way too small. So, I use the Flatpak Version. Exept of that it works good.

I think it may just be because it's a KDE application and Zorin OS uses GTK, you can see that it tries to install a bunch of KDE stuff when you install the .debversion. But on Flatpak, it seems to kinda work when switching to dark mode and then restarting it, but the icons on the sidebar remain dark which makes them invisible... At least it's picking the accent color so you can change to black when using it. Although raising a ticket on their GitLab page may be the better solution.


Yes, it is a KDE/Qt based Program. I had such Programs in the Past, too. But there it was so that it orientated on the System Mode. When the System was in Light Mode it was light and when Dark Mode was on it was dark. But here that doesn't work. When I switch between System Light and Dark Mode only the Title Bar changes.

On Dark Mode it is like on my Screenshot drak wth light Letters. On Light Mode it is light with dark Letters. the whole Interface stays light. A Reboot doesn't help.

I'm afraid I don't know that much about themes and graphics. I also use other Qt or KDE programs that seem to work find; maybe it's a feature that needs to be implemented by the developers? I checked their site but didn't see anything about it. Raising a ticket might get you more definitive answers on this.

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Okay, Father Coincidence came to my Aid and I found another Program called Krita. It seemes that it has a QT-base too. But is has in the Settings Possibilities to adjust light and dark Modes and that works. It has a bit much Functions but thats okay.