Dark Mode issues in built in office

Some Intro

Firstly thank you so much for this amazing office one thing I find good in this is literally you can export your file to multiple formats and every feature present in microsoft office is here before I was thinking that what is this but now I am too happy.


When you have dark mode turned on some buttons and some text is not visible properly I hope it will be fixed in next update.



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You liked the post but forgot to tell how to fix?

This was a hard one for me. I could not find a solution for all of your issues like the the black color of the insert text. But I've found a solution for changing some of the icons.

Go to Tools>Customize. Then click on 'Track' and a drop-down menu appears. Select 'Navigation' and then you will see some icons like next, previous, etc. Left click on them or in the bottom, press modify to select change icon. This may or may not work. It worked for me, but my situation is a bit too complicated to tell you how exactly it happened. Changing some of the dark icons will give you something like this.

Screenshot from 2021-10-17 21-09-12


The like means I agree with and like your feedback.

I don't always know how to fix. :neutral_face:


I don't want to change icons I tried all the icons but some are blur and some are not good looking i like the built in one and Your solution is a temporary fix or hack so I am not gonna mark this post as solution I need something permanent and strong. I hope you understand.

The fix really is Feedback for @AZorin and @zorink as they review the theme and see what to correct.
Believe me, if I knew the fix, I would gladly post it. But LibreOffice relies on the gtk2 portion of the theme and I am quite novice with gtkrc files. The text is often hardcoded in with the foreground providing the Text Color on certain widgets, but with text color supplying the text color on other widgets, sometimes within the same box. It is very different from gtk.css, where a person can set each and every widgets color and design, independently (sadly).
It is a facet that has caused me no end of hairpulling on my own themes and I often will quite simply- design the theme around the problem more often than not.


Um u can improve the problem, I didn't find a way to solve the visibility of the buttons and the black text. I did solve the Icons tho, you can change the icon theme in LibreOffice. You can maybe try tweaking the theme itself, but that will affect the theme itself.


There are two other things you could consider and stay in the dark theme:

  1. change the interface to "Standard Toolbar", "Single Toolbar" or "Contextual Single". None of these show any black text on nearly black background. All of these change from the ribbon style of the "Tabbed Toolbar", so if this style is a top priority, move on.

  2. change the background of the toolbar. Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Personalization
    the grey background choice makes the black text visible, and the white text slightly less visible.


Not sure if related, or not saying this will fix it. Something you may want to try.
Recently I was working on my Darts Spreadsheet (to keep the scores in our matches for my dart team) in Calc. Had some unusual issues. Some visual.
I ended up uninstalling the installation package that came with Zorin, and then reinstalled Libreoffice from the software manager. The issues I had went away
and I was able to complete my tasks. I didn't get into the why's of it not working.
For I'm not that technically gifted. But I can say the glitches I was experiencing went away after the reinstall.


UncleNo.1, any feedback for us?

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as i already said previously changing icon theme and tweaks are just temporary solution I need something PERMANENT and want a update from zorin team.

OK. So you didn't try uninstalling and reinstalling Libreoffice and see if that corrects the issue. Gotcha.


I had the same issue if i remember try it and see
go to tools / options then view then "icon style" i selected: hicontrast
and for font colour go down to application colours in the left and choose the clour to suite you

Well, here's another idea:

LibreOffice 6.4 series does not have the problems described. LibreOffice 6.4.7 is the latest of that series. It does have Tabbed (ribbon) interface.

You can obtain an AppImage from here:
LO 6.4.7 AppImage
It can coexist with the current Zorin version.


@zorink @AZorin

I just tested this in both and had the same result.

I believe that @Storm 's solution here may be helpful:

No It's not.

Hmm...Here's a screenshot that matches post #1 second image that shows what I see (ver. 6.4.7). I don't see the black text problem in 'Recent Documents' and 'File' (post #1 image cuts this off) as in current LO version. What might account for such a difference? The DE? Mine is Gnome (Zorin 16).

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Topaz, thanks for following up and showing where I was wrong.

They do display differently in several areas. I needed to load up a different dark theme in order to see it (The one I was using is one of my own home-made dark themes). Once I tried Dark Purple, mimicking your screenshot, I saw it.

A different theme. Of course!

I do like Zorin's themes and the Appearance dialog. It's so easy to change the accent color and background. That's not so easy in other distros.