Dark theme accent colour problem (applies to full window)

I absolutely love zorin os 16, but i am more of a dark theme user. whenever i switch to dark mode (with an accent color say blue) it applies to the whole window including where its supposed to be kinda black. here is the screenshot of what it should look like (in my opinion) vs what it looks like in dark mode. to fix this a toogle can be added named "apply accent color partially" ... that suits me better !!! but yeah i have to say that the light mode on zorin is one of the best i have ever seen. so if the dark one also matches that ... i will be a very good move . (don't tell me to use grey accent colour ... it just makes everything black & white including the icons etc. and hence the grey one feels dated) Yes, i can get external themes , but if zorin designed it as good as the light one , it simply will be amazing !!!


Screenshot from 2021-09-02 11-45-51|690x462

Screenshot from 2021-09-02 11-46-28|690x461

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@Aravisian Any idea why the 2 screenshots are showing only as links and not in-line within the OP?

@i_almost_love_zorin I don't understand what your trying to say. Do you mean by the gradient not being in Dark theme? Im confused?

I think he is trying to say that the accent colour is there where is shouldn't be and where it should be black or something.

There is a color difference between the two. The first image linked looks nice. The second looks like the blue tone is overlaid on top of all dark elements, tinting everything blue.

No, actually. I'm not sure why that is.

that's exactly the point i was trying to make. the line "The first image linked looks nice. The second looks like the blue tone is overlaid on top of all dark elements, tinting everything blue." @Aravisian

yeah just like @Aravisian said. the blue tint applies to everything including headers,taskbar,everything becomes blue tinted where it shouldn't be , it should be like the first image attached by me :slight_smile:

Those blue menu icons and options aren't bad but would also prefer if it wouldn't tint the black parts or main parts of the window itself. (I would also like if I could change the accent colour to yellow.)

yeah the icons are still blue (see the 1st ss) but the tint everywhere ... i don't like that

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I didn't even notice there was a tint, I think it looks pretty nice. You can try adding a third party theme.

on some displays its less noticeable (tried that myself) but yeah it gets kinda annoying. yes i can use a third party theme but its not as good as zorin. zorin themes have a kinda premium look and feel. when you go third party , thats finished !!!

I don't understand still but ok

Hi, you can try my version of Zorins black GTK/gnome-shell theme. It's basically the same but with a hint of translucent to it -

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That's in part what I was suggesting in the Feature Request: White/light theme accent color thread - That YELLOW as an accent color would offer a lot of utility. By example, in dark background situations. It sorta acts like a little "light bulb" of sorts.

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Also yellow is my favourite colour.


@Storm yeah it seems great. but i was saying that if it would be a default option then it would have been better. also i can get this kind of look by just selecting zorin grey accent theme and its done. but non-tinted inbuilt (without third party) is always better. lol

Yellow is a colour of joy.
It is befitting for an energetic people like you :wink:

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