Dash bug when using it as autohide disabled

whenever im in a fullscreen app, the dash space cuts the app and shows the desktop if u get what i mean

So, if that's disabled - your dash will remain visible like the old OSX style dash.

But, not a bug! :wink:

i meant the whole horizantal dash area where my wallpaper is visible, i just want to show the dash

So, You want that Your Windows is in Full-Screen Mode and Your Dash is permanently over it? As far as I know this is not makeable.

But You could play a little bit in the Settings and set it to auto-hide or something similar named and then it pops up when You go with the Mouse at the bottom of the Screen.

I guess that would be a change from "autohide disabled" (as per thread title) to "autohide enabled".

I think You have to enable this seperately. But I'm not sure.

Screenshot from 2024-04-05 13-27-06

Click the box in Dash settings that says 'Panel mode: extend to the edge of the screen' :+1: