Dash to Dock on startup

I want Dash to Dock to simply run on login, anyone know how to do that?

Yes.. Just type in apps : Startup Applications

and there you can add apps or scripts which you want to run during startup

Dash to Dock isn't an app; it's an extension.

Yeah, right.. than the same procedure for Gnome extensions, but I think they are loaded by default.

So in this case, no need to edit anything.
Just install extension and you are good to go.

Maybe you just need to install Gnome extensions app

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hmmm... It doesn't load on startup! + I've installed Gnome Extensions.

You can run the command gnome-extensions enable <extension_name>, inside Startup Applications.

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It's already been enabled.

So, it's working (since you marked this as solved)? My assumption was based on explicitly enabling the extension even though it should be already done automatically.

Yes it worked, thank you. Enabling extensions when they're already enabled refreshes it, which is exactly what I needed to do!

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