Data transfer from windows 10 to Zorin while shifting from windows to zorin

I have been using windows for a long time now, however, I want to install and move to Zorin Os, but I'm afraid that all of my data and app data will be deleted during installation.

Is there a way I can transfer my windows 10 data to newly installed Zorin OS

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I've only ever seen migration in FerenOS but never risked trying it!
First of all before doing anything have you tried creating a boot medium (USB/DVD) to run Zorin in Live Mode to see if it is compatible with your machine? Whenever I used Windows I would have the OS on C:\ including Applications and then save all data to partition D:\ that I created manually, after re-lettering the Optical Drive (DVD-RW) to E:\ If you have a separate Data partition you can always access that data from Zorin, provided you have never had a Windows force shut-down, in which case neither Windows or the Data partition are accessible. It would also help if you could advise as to what app data you are referring to, e.g., Firefox, Thunderbird etc.

What I can suggest is copying all of your documents to a USB drive (if you have one) before you move to Zorin, then paste it into the new OS.

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